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Adsense Secret Strategy

Adsense is the most popular advertising program on internet marketing which offers huge potential income and quite easy to use by anyone. The Principles of the Google Adsense program is Pay Per Click (PPC), which means that you will get a commission if Adsense ads on your website are clicked by other people or visitors who are interested in an advertisement that appears.

Currently, a lot of Google Adsense publishers feel disappointed and frustrated because their Adsense revenue is still not rising and the “dollar” has not felt much like everyone else. Basically, to succeed in Adsense you have to be patient and maintenance a process that requires a lot of time. Such as creating quality content and useful websites, as well as the promotion of the site. No shortcut trick on this business.

High Revenue Adsense Secrets

Secret Trick Used by Publisher to Increase Adsense Earnings:

1. Combine Adsense ads colors display

Customize the ads background color with the background of your site, also adjust the color of links and text ads, by doing this the Adsense advertising will be seen identically with the content of your site (Ads Blending) and also can increase the conversion of ads clicks. In addition, adjust the font with the font Adsense ads integrated with the site as well to make it look fonts content writing.


Let say your general background template is gray (#eeeeee) and the font title is black (#333333) then you can set it up like this picture bellow (copy and edit the default ad style). I replace the ad title to red color (#d02c21) in order to draw visitor attention. Example blog using customize ads background color.

adsense style example

2. Increase Click Through Rate (CTR)

According to Adsense Help, clickthrough rate (CTR) is the percentage of impressions that led to a click.

CTR = Clicks / Impressions

If you have more than one site and put Adsense ads on some sites, the magnitude of the CTR of your Adsense ads will be calculated on the entire site and not the CTR of each site or channel. This means that if a site has a bad CTR it will affect your entire account. Just remove your Adsense ads from the unfavorable site if CTR sites have less than 0.02%. Warriorforum discussion breakdown the best CTR for Adsense as mention bellow:

  • Average for noobs publisher: terrible, less than 0.1%.
  • Average for people who spent a few minutes to optimize placement: maybe 1%.
  • Average for well-optimized sites: around 3%.
  • Average for thoroughly-tested made-for-Adsense sites: anywhere from 5% to 25% to maybe even higher.
  • The best results CTR is above a 10% CTR. The site were product-focused information pages and the ads were related to those exact products.

3. Use the “Opt-into Placement Advertising”

With this feature you will allow advertisers to be able to directly advertise on your site, so your site will be more easily found by advertisers so the site can have Adsense ads more relevant.

4. Optimized Adsense Ad Position

Advertising position clearly visible. For example, put Adsense ads near content, in the midst of the article or in the content right after your articles, so the ads will get more clicks from visitors. You should be aware that the placement of the ads should also refer to the Adsense Ad placement policies.

the best google adsense placement

5. Take advantage of the “Channel” feature

Use the “Channel” that exist in the Google Adsense account any Adsense ads posted on the site is in the pan (in tracking) and can determine which ads perform well and poor performers.

6. Fresh & Unique Content

Update your site’s content with the articles, images or videos periodically, so will you always get a good ranking in search engines and visited by more people as well.

7. Build Links (Link Building)

Best Backlinks are links from sites that have the same topic. Exchanging links with similar sites belonging to someone else is a good idea, so you will get backlinks and get targeted visitors. If the same topic site was too hard for you then find a good backlink that has high Page Authority and Domain Authority.  You can find them at education or government domain, forum domain with high Page Rank (7-9) or sites with huge traffic. Install Moz bar on you browser to check high PA/DA site.

8. More Visitor, More Clicks Opportunities

Advertiser will be happy if you are able to show their product to many people and that will impact to cost per click (CPC), bid type, and total clicks as well. When you gain a lot of real traffic to your site, you create a bigger chance to rise up your Adsense earning. Take advantage of social media to drive more visitors. Use Facebook to do that, use Twitter to attract more attention, use Google Plus to gain more google backlinks, use everything. Put your domain everywhere!!!

9. Be Patience

You know exactly what I mean. Adsense is not an Aladdin’s lamp that can make you rich overnight. This business is exactly the same as doing business in the real world. It takes hard work, strategy, and prayer.

The tips above are Adsense secrets (and not a secret anymore..lol) that other people often ignore, and from all the points above, patience is the biggest trick was not able to be done by some people. Good Luck!

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