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Adsense Earning: 10 Tips You Should to Know About

Increase Adsense earning – Today so many Adsense publishers complain due to revenue decreased, whereas visitors blog is quite high. As a google Adsense publisher, of course, you want to increase your Adsense income to a maximum earning level from ads on your blog.

10 tips How to increase Adsense earnings bellow will explain how to the publisher can raise revenue as expected in a legal way and does not violate Adsense policy.

The Biggest Factor (Classic Reason)

Actually, there are many factors that cause Adsense income is very low. One cause and be a major causation is blog visitor are reluctant to give a reward to the owner of the blog by taking a look at their advertising. It just a click and does not make a loss for blog readers. The blog readers did a clearly unwise thing.

Site visitors got a lot of information from the site – useful information gained from reading the article on a blog. In fact, maybe the articles that may really be expected for them. The reader is supposed to be more appreciative to the content writer and not even block the ads there.

Another cause Adsense revenue decline is less appropriate ad placement. It could also be the caused of why Adsense earning decrease, the ads are not eye catching for blog reader’s. Added with blog / content articles are not in a good niche and does not have best Adsense CTR will make your Adsense earning suffering completely. Then how to make your google ad sense earnings raise  up and you will get high paid?

Then how to make your google ad sense earnings raise  up and you will get high paid? We will learn to be more creative, there are a few simple tips to increase Adsense income and does not violate the regulations of Adsense.

Adsense Earning: 10 Simple Tips

1. Visitor

The first and most important thing is to make your blog has a lot of visitors. With a lot of visitors read your articles then the chance to get ad clicks will be greater. In contrast to the opposite situation. If your blog is less visitor then “clicks” will also be deserted. Perhaps could absolutely no click at all.

2. Content

Create good content and quality, try to fit with the niche. With so the high paying ads will appear and pay the high price of every click. Regarding high-value niche Adsense please find references on Google Search. Many of the bloggers who already share this problem.

3. Ads Placement

The right ad placement. It is also an important factor in increasing Adsense revenue. By placing the ad units where are easily seen by visitors then the possibility of visitors to click will be higher. Installation of ad units my recommendation are:

  • Next to or under the title of a blog with ad size 728 x 90 or 970 x 90
  • Right and left widget ad size 300 x 250 or 160 x 600. This position is usually better suited to the type of banner ads.adsense earning ads placement


  • Under the title of the blog or the bottom of a blog article or in the middle of the article, suitable for ad unit with size 336 x 280 or 468 x 60. I recommend using responsive design that automatically adjusts the display device that is used when opening a blog page.

    How To Get Adsense Income

4. Color

Adjust font background color, title and description of ads to your blog. If the link on your blog article title is green, then make the title of the ad is also more attractive green. The benefit, of course, you already knew.

5. Site Speed

Create a blog with fast loading as possible. With fast loading blog so visitors with slow connections do not have to wait for open your blog page. This contrasts with the opposite situation if your blog has a heavy load of visitors will be difficult to open a page and can even be directly close the tab and switch to open other people’s blogs. Then do what this relation with Adsense revenue? Google likes fast loading sites and that will impact to your site rank, so you will get more visitor and more click chance.

Site Speed Test

6. Simple is Beauty

Remove non-essential blog widget and create a simple template. With so many widgets on blogs, this is will making your blog ads does not get visitors attention, they will more interest to your widget and this can eliminate the chance of click ads on your blog.

7. Keyword Analysis

You should do research keywords before you make an article. Keyword research is used to estimate the price of ads click. There are several keyword research tools that can be used to see the keyword prices.

Keyword Research Tools

  • WordStream’s Keyword Tool
  • Semrush
  • keywordtool.io
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Moz Analytics’ Keyword Analysis Tool
  • secockpit.com

Keyword analysis tool will find out hundreds of keyword with monthly search volume, CPC, traffic value, a number of results in Google and trend graphs. The tool also can be used as keyword competition analysis tool because the analysis result shows competition level as well. For best result use long tail keywords on keyword analysis tool. Besides getting expensive keywords, long tail keywords also easy to compete in the search page.

8. Custom Channel

Create a special ad unit. In this way, Adsense Team will put the unit Adsense ads on your blog as a special auctions place that are displayed to the advertiser. So advertisers who provide the highest paid ads will automatically be displayed on your blog page. Use a blog with responsive design and ad units that are responsive as well to appear in your blog. Responsive ad units will be used to adjust the whole device a visitor opens the blog page. This situation will certainly help increase Adsense earnings.

Most of AdSense Publisher like to stay with “Commercial Placements” to control precisely when and where their advertisements appear. In case you’re not making Custom Channels and making them accessible by focusing those running Ad Placements, you’re constraining yourself from a whole fragment of sponsors willing to offer for the promotion space on your site. Furthermore, the more advertiser that offer to show up on your site the higher your income ought to be.

Best practices for ad placement

The video below is just an illustration of an ad that is targeted at a specific page.

10.  Create More Positive Think.

Finally, stay confident and keep trying. To be given a lot of luck, you have to create more positive think. Are you think this silly tips? not scientific tips? check out this video before you react.


Actually, this is not about luck but about Law of attraction. So reward to the author blog with your comment, follow their social media, or another “things” that good for them. Don’t use AdBlock on your browser to block ads from appearing in your browser. It’s really unfair action for a blog owner with Adsense.

Thank’s for visit.

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